Friday, June 6, 2008

GMail Labs and links

Google have just released Labs for Gmail. A set of optional functionality for it's web mail system. And there is some nice new functionality here : view mail in fixed width font, new signature functionality and custom shortcuts. There are also changes to the appearance of chat and the mail folders to save screen real estate.

The one that caught my eye was the Quick Links functionality. This is a new panel below chat containing links. When I saw it first I jumped to the wrong conclusion. I thought it was going to show a list of the links that I have received in my mail. "Brilliant" I thought, "now I've got a shortcut to those links blocked by our ,somewhat draconian, firewall in work" (games sites and such!). This was functionality I had never thought of before but now needed

As it turns out I was mistaken (or somewhat so anyways). It lets you bookmark any gmail url in one click. This could be used to bookmark an email as per my initial thoughts.

Anyhow still thinking about my inbound links I started playing around with the idea and came up with the following tip.

If you search for "http:// or www" you will get results for any email containing a link, you can then bookmark the search and add it to your new "Quick Links" panel for easy access.

You can also bookmark any advanced search you use ( such as checking for attachments)
which makes it one less click.

Oh, and there's also a version of Snake in amongst the toys of labs. So far I can't beat 150.

p.s. To enable the labs features you need to go to Settings -> Labs in your Gmail Account.

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