Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Recommendation: Camstudio

For those who didn't spot it I made the video in my last post using Camstudio.

Camstudio is one of those rare 'It just works' applications. It has nice simple interface ( the red button starts you recording!) a host of practical features , full screen or region capture, and as demonstrated you can have the region follow your mouse around the screen.

In the spirit of a picture being worth a thousand words I've used it to capture the setup of new developer workstations and configuration of applications. The configuration of developer workstations is a big one, the enviroment and projects we work on are complex and there are a lot of steps involved. Particularily when six to eight months down the line a new developer joins and no-one has had to set up a workstation from scratch since the first week of the project.

And best of all it's free.

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